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Who is Dixie D'Amelio's ex boyfriend Griffin Johnson?


Today we are going to talk about Dixie D’Amelio’s ex boyfriend Griffin Johnson. Griffin Johnson is known as a social platform influencer and musician. He first rose to reputation after developing content material for TikTok in the late 2010s and became one of the founding participants of Sway house. In 2020, Griffin stepped into the amusement industry and commenced appearing in the television collection Attaway standard. In 2022, he is also scheduled to big name in the film Diamond within the rough. Griffin frequently posts approximately his existence on Instagram, where he has over three million fans.

Why did Dixie D'Amelio's ex boyfriend Griffin break up ?

Dixie D’amelio’s ex boyfriend Griffin headed out in different directions in July 2020, not long after affirming a relationship in the midst of deceiving claims.

In November 2020, he showed up on the BFFs digital broadcast, where he got serious about the parted, uncovering that he did Snapchat different young ladies however guaranteed it was the point at which the two weren’t together.

“It resembled a four or multi-day time frame we had separated and I’m not going to mislead anybody, fella, I was only sort of miserable,” Griffin said, through Seventeen.

Already, Dixie had talked about the separation on TikTok, where she posted a statement of regret text she got from Griffin alongside other screen captures of him professing to be single to different young ladies.

“I would like to say that paying little mind to anything and my activities have not reflected it but rather I really do think often about you and this was never a game to me. I’m sorry in all sincerity.”

That’s right, as indicated by her YouTube video — transferred on August 2 — they separated. She advised lovers, “I had this video booked for now, so I am posting it at any charge.”

After a TikTok video went viral wherein Dixie’s mom seemingly spoke out following her daughter and Griffin’s break up, he replied.“I’m so satisfied I don’t must deal with the embarrassment of my parents getting involved in social media drama,” he wrote on Twitter.

Did Griffin cheat on Dixie ?


By now, TikTok lovers realize that during an explosive Twitter post, Chase Hudson accused Griffin of deceiving Dixie. At some stage in an interview with Vlog Squad member Jeff Wittek, she set the record instantly approximately the rumors!

Dixie D’amelio’s ex boyfriend, he cheated on you?” Jeff requested at the time. She answered, “contemporary boyfriend. And no. No dishonest.”

It seemed like there was no difficulty in heaven until July 30 when a few extremely observant fans hypothesized that they separated in the wake of seeing that the couple unfollowed each other on different web-based entertainment stages. For the individuals who missed it, a TikTok video (that has since turned into a web sensation) claimed that Griffin informed another young lady and unequivocally told her he was “single.”

On the time, Griffin announced that he became “taking a break” from social media and Dixie then showed their breakup on her YouTube channel. Months later, after screenshots uploaded to the TikTok Room Instagram showed that Griffin followed a writer at the app who had uploaded a video that regarded to name her a “hoe.” She clapped again, according to any other batch of screenshots uploaded to the account.

“I surmise the 48 screen captures of cheating during the relationship amounts to nothing,” she said. Then, at that point, added, “Skank disgrace me some something else for having companions.”

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